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Our Story

Everyday at Embark Security we are coming up with ways that can make protecting your property easier by using technology. One of the most strenuous problems that companies can have, is guards who are not showing up to work on time, or guards that come to work and fall asleep. To combat that our guards now have smart phones with a built in app that lets them be tracked 24/7. The phones are set with a timer so if the guard dosent move both you the client will be notified as well as the watch commander on duty. We can take pictures and file thorough reports of suspects that are fleeing or committing vandalism on your property. All of this information is available at your fingertips by logging in to the client portal. 


Our Founder

Hi there, I have held different positions in security companies in the bay area while putting myself through school. My senior year (2014) we did a soft launch to see if people even preferred having a security guard company that was caught up with the times. Having immediate response we decided to move ahead with Embark Security and continue to provide an easy experience for property owners. I personally guarantee that our guards have better customer service while mainting an authorative status on your property. I have seen too many properties that have been left unmanned because security guards forgot to show up or they are understaffed and have a mobile vehicle patrol come drive by the property every few hours instead of a roving patrol guard on site. Integrating Technology allows you to make sure that you are getting the value that you paid for.  



I promise you that no other company will be as easy to work with  or transparent with your property and its goals!



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